We offer a proffesional video and photography of your wedding day. Our cameramans and photographers will capture your special day for a whole life. We will create a memory to your children, grandchildren, parents, .... 
Whole day filming a photographing contains shooting from morning preparations through ceremony, wedding feast to evening traditions, like a first dance, wedding games, bouquet toss or fireworks. 
All of this, you will find in a short video clip, which will fit to your wedding, plus on a 30 to 40 minutes long edited video. Both will be delivered in Full HD quality.
For filming, we use only professional recording equipment. We can also do an aerial shots with drones, for which we own a license to fly. Shots from the sky will give your video a new dimension and shine. We use mostly 4 to 6 cameras to capture your day.

Wedding video from 3900,- CZK Please note, that all the prices are calculated individualy, according to costumer wishes and imaginations. Everyone has a different expactations and demands. 
Please, feel free to contact us and we will make a calculation, which will suit your desires. 

Wedding video from 3900,- CZK Price for photography depends on costumers individual expetations. Please contact us for a price calculation.

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Why to choose Wedding Pictures for your special day? 
We know, that everything must be perfect and right by your expactations. You will surely appreciate our individal attitude to every costumer.

But that's not all... 
Big benefit of our services if archivation of your final data. We keep every wedding for a dark times, if your copy will be lost, or demaged. You will just let us know, and you will get your memories back.

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